IPCC COST FM TIPS :-Must share :)
Ca Rockstars
{Must share}
1. Pay due attention on theory ..some students
doesnt do that it contains weightage of 20- 28 marks in the
u can download from here :- theory notes 
2. If u have problem in doing the whole theory
portion just do past examination question or from
scaner or from
practice manual (all r equal )
3. pay equal attention on CA n FM dont go in
exams on the base
of any 1 of them4. If u dont know any answer n dont have any
single idea about
its better to leave that
for eg :- if in exams GDR (global depository
reciepts) comes
n u write deposits that reciept in whole world it
make a bad impression of u on checker

5. make proper working notes it plays a vital
role in step marking
watever calculation u do name them as
working note .

6. dont pay unnecesary tym in solving
particular question
agar ek que mai fass gye to vo le dubega

7. if u r using any formula in ur solution then
first write it
n then put numbers or figures in it . this shows
ur knowledge
about formulaes
8. Always do RTP’s
hope this will work out for u …dont pay
attention to grammer 
will post some more tips later, all the best 

Alkit Jain

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  1. #1 by Jagshakti Singh on July 20, 2013 - 4:15 pm

    Thanks a Lot C.A Alkit Jain.By The what Was your Score In IPCC ?

    • #2 by alkit on July 21, 2013 - 7:25 am

      257 IN FIRST AND 195 IN SECOND

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