CA Rockstars.

1. Dont pay much attention on sections .If u already learnt sections than jst revise once

2. Dont quote sections unless u r 100% sure about that

3. it is not necessary to qoute sub sections i.e if sec is 3(1) (iii) u can write as per the provisions of sec 3 of the xyz Act.

4. pay more attention on campany law

5. In exam start new ans on new sheet

6. In ethics keep in mind some key points of every concept becouse it is very difficult to learn each n every concept

7. Examiner doesnot expect case laws at IPCC level. Remember that case laws n case studies are different thing. dont confuse between them

8. wheight ur answers not ur answer sheets always write answers
in breif dont consider it as bcom exam . I adopted the same policy n got 70 marks out of 90 which i attempted

by :- Alkit Jain 
best of luck

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