Android V’s iPhone: which one is better

From the world of Smartphones where word impossible doesn’t exist. Android and iPhone continuously make efforts to make Smartphones unpredictable.

iPhone the most common name known to everyone having  own separate earth of its fan is now planning something big. For the past few months iPhone lovers are waiting for the arrival of new iPhone for 2013. There are many rumors in the market including upcoming iPhone 6, iPhone C and iPhone Lite.

Android V's iPhone

In the world of Android they are preparing for the welcome party of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 Android device with other Android products like LG G2, MOTO X and Google NEXUS 5.

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In terms of popularity both the above do not need any type of introduction. But both the above mention competitors have their own respective advantages and disadvantages. So let’s move towards their comparison.

Now to check out the complete updated comparison and review. Click the link below

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