Preparation tips for IPCC exams :


 Dear students success it is the product of both intelligence and hard work . so for CA for exams both required ( intelligence and hard work ) . number of students face problems for preparation i. e. how to start & from where to start and from which subject to start like this . Avoid such mistakes following are the steps observe :

Step 1 : After completion of your coaching access remaining period for exams later on analyse yourself preparation for both groups or single group .

Step 2 : Draw a scheduled for preparation .

Step 3 : I would suggest to all theory part of the subjects better to read early morning time only.Because it is the best time for grasping.

Step 4 : You have to be practice problematical papers like Accounts , costing & FM otherwise in examinations difficult to salve the problems .

Step 5 : Before going to exams you have to be revision total syllabus 2 to 3 times .otherwise u will  got blank during exam.

Step 6 : In law & income Taxation subjects don ‘t code wrong section its results may be loss of marks. u have 100 % confident on that u can code other wise write like, prescribed section .

Step 7 : In examination presentation is very important that ‘s reason u have to start every question in fresh page and code question number in middle of the page & Avoid striking and write legible this is helpful to get more marks .

Step 8 : After finish your exam don ‘t discuss with friends regarding that exam . left your question paper in examination hall and start your preparation for next exam .

Step 9 : suppose in group I A / c paper u r not presented properly just ignore that and prepare for next exam . Maximum of students are doing is any one paper not presented properly he / she not concentrate remaining exams . My dear students don ‘t do like that may be chance remaining papers u can get exemption . So think positive.

Step 10 :Dear students after completion of your exams in case u have doubt any subject start your preparation immediately because after announcing of the result u have only 2 .5 months only . For clearing CA exams may be take one or more attempt so don ‘ t get mentally stress .



Subject wise tips :


1 . IT & SM : I would suggest to all SM preparation level is from last chapter to first chapter . And IT start with flowcharts & decision table later on network, inter net , DBMS finally start 1 st chapter . From practice manual 40 to 45 marks paper will be from it so should be concentrate on that . Remaining part is definition part around 15 marks.

2 . INCOME TAX : You have to read every concept in income tax paper & one more thing is total income problems important , and in every problem u have make note points its impress to valuationer . Put the currency symbol other wise u can loss marks . My sincere advice is don ‘t start with total income problem in examination y because its take more time for completion. at the time of preparation first of all finish indirect tax( service tax & VAT) y because its less concept u can get nearly 50 marks .

3 . AUDITING : In auditing company auditor chapter is very important in that chapter only around 15 to 25 marks. And standards also important for exams read 2 to 3 times. Last 2 to 3 attempts asked only direct question only so more concentrate on direct questions .

4 . ACCOUNTS: In accounts I & II subjects very important is accounting standards its around 12 to 25 marks in each subjects . In examination presentation level is start with journal entries problem then ledger a / c after that final a / c problems. y because time management is very important in CA examinations .

5 . COSTING & FM : I n this subject first of all theory part u have to prepare its nearly 30 to 35 marks later on start practice problems in both costing & FM otherwise u cont salve the problems in examination .

6 . LAW : in this subjects first of all prepare company law & other laws y because around 50 to 60 marks cover in these topics . Later on business communication etc .



1 . Time management is very important in examination.

2 . Don ‘t STUDY CONTINIOUSLY . take small breaks

3 . Sleep every day 6 to 7 hours .

4 . Take food properly .

5 . Very very important point is in all exams u have to be write point wise .

6 . Don ‘t refer 2 to 3 author books .do practice manual . its very important 

7 . We would suggest that for the benefit of the students read the suggested answers carefully its useful to your examinations .

hope this article useful to your preparation .




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