Important topics for Costing & FM :

FM :-

Theory – Wealth Maximization v/s. profit maximization, Role of CFO, Limitation of Ratios, Functions of Treasury Department, Lock box System, Ageing Schedule, Commercial Paper, ADR & GDR, Seed Capital Assistance, Bridge Finance, Factors into consideration while determine working capital.

Practical Question – Financial Leverage, Preparation of Balance Sheet with help of different ratios, Time Value, FFS, Working Capital, WACC, IRR, NPV, Cash Budget, Factoring.

Costing :-

Practical Question – Marginal Costing – P/V Ratio & Key factor, Standard Costing – Material & Labour Variances, Contract Costing, Process & Equivalent production mixed question, Integrated Accounts, Direct Material – Re-order, Maximum & Mimimum level of stock, Halsey & Rowan Scheme.

Theory – Conversion & Sunk Cost, Cost Centre, Controllable & Uncontrollable Costs, Service Cost, Explicit & Implict cost, Treatment of Spoilage & Defectives, Bin card & Store Ledger, Pre- requisites & Advantage of Integrated Accounts, Cost plus Contract.


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