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ICAI clarification regarding claiming exemption: CA ROCKSTARS

In order to claim exemption, the student must appear in all the papers in that particular group. 

Say, In a case, a student has appeared for IPCC Group-1 Tax exam and scored 62, and failed to appear in one of the paper, say law, exemption will be denied to the Taxation paper.


1. What are the rules regarding “exemption” and validity period?

a) A candidate who has appeared in all the papers comprised in a group/unit and fails in one or more papers comprised in that group/unit but secures a minimum of 60% of the marks in any paper or papers of that group/unit shall be eligible for exemption in that paper or papers in the next three following examinations.

b) He shall be declared to have passed in that group/unit if he secures at one sitting a minimum of 40% marks in each of the papers of that group/unit and a minimum of 50% of the total marks of all the papers of that group/unit including the paper/s in which he had secured a minimum of 60% marks in the earlier examination.

c) He/she shall not be eligible for any further exemption in the remaining paper(s) of that group/unit until he/she has exhausted the exemption already granted to him in that group/unit.

d) The exemption is automatic and will be found indicated in the statement of marks issued by the Institute.

e) An exemption is valid for three immediate succeeding exams and will be carried forward automatically for the next three examinations.

2. I secured exemption in Paper I of PCE/IPCE/Final exam in November 2009 exam. I did not appear in the exams held in May 2010, November 2010 and also in May 2011. I have submitted my exam application form for appearing in November 2011 exam. Can I get the exemption in the said paper in November 2011 exam?

– No. The exemption obtained by you in November 2009 exam would last only for the next three exams, i.e. for May 2010, November 2010 and May 2011 exam, irrespective of the fact whether you appeared in those exams or not. The exemption you obtained in November 2009 examination stands exhausted now and will not be valid for November 2011 exam onwards. You will have to appear in the said paper once again in November 2011

3. I have already passed one group in PCE and converted to IPCE. I am now a Unit candidate under IPCE. Will I get the benefit of the exemption secured by me in PCE, in the corresponding papers of IPCE?

– Yes. The exemption in a paper or papers in a particular group granted earlier to a candidate of PCE shall continue to be valid, in the corresponding paper or papers under the IPCE/ATE, for the unexpired chance(s).

4.I secured exemption in Paper 3 (Group I) of PCE/IPCE/Final in November 2010 exam. I intend to appear in Group II in November 2011 exam and applied for the same. Can I get exemption in any paper in Group II in November 2011 exam if I secure more than 60% marks in any of the papers of Group II?

– Yes. You can get exemption in any of the papers of Group II in November 2011 exam. The exemption that you secured in Paper 3 of Group I does not come in the way of your getting exemption in any paper of Group II. Please note that the rules relating to exemptions are applied group-wise.

However, you will not be eligible for any further exemption in the remaining paper(s) of Group I until you have exhausted the exemption already granted to you in that group.


Procedure for Verification of Answer Sheets of CA exams

Procedure for Verification of
Answer Sheets
There is No Standard Procedure/
Application Form for applying for
Revaluation of Marks of CA CPT / CA
IPCC / CA Final . A simple Hand written
application should be submitted to the
Institute in the Candidate’s Own
Handwriting indicating
1. Roll No. ( CPT Admit Card / IPCC/
Final Admit Card)
2. Student Reg. No.
3. Paper(s) to be verified
4. Examination Appeared – (CA CPT /
PCC / IPCC / Final)
5. Address for Communication
The request for verification will be
considered only after the application in the
candidate’s own handwriting in Hindi
language if the medium of examination
was Hindi else in English language duly
signed with requisite fee by way of DD is
received within 1 month of the date of
declaration of Results.
The Candidate should not write his mobile
no. or email id or landline numbers in such
verification requests. Printed Applications
would be rejected
An Application for Verification/ Revaluation
of Marks can also be made online on . In case the
Student opts for submission of application
online, he would be required to Scan the
Handwritten Revaluation Application and
upload it on the above mentioned website.
The Payement of Revaluation Fees in this
case would be made using Debit/ Credit
Card. After uploading the Scanned Copy
online, the Student wont be required to
send the hard copy to ICAI.
Fees for Revaluation of Marks
Fee for Revaluation of Marks for IPCC and
Final is Rs. 100/- per paper subject to a
maximum of Rs. 400/- for all the papers of
a group/ both groups.
Fee for Revaluation of Marks for CPT is Rs.
Fees is to be remitted by way of Demand
Draft in favour of “The Secretary, The
Institute of Chartered Accountants of
India ” and payable at New Delhi.


It has been brought to our notice that the Notification No. 13-CA
(EXAM)/N//2013 dated 5th July, 2013 (hosted on the Institute’s website on 5th
July, 2013) relating to the date schedule, list of centres, examination timings,
etc of November, 2013 examinations is being presented in a distorted manner
by interpolating the following clause in social media and other fora to create
panic amongst the students of the Institute:
“Passing Criteria
Passing criteria at all level of the CA examination i.e. CPT, IPC and
Final has been changed to 55% marks in aggregate and 45% for
individual subjects w.e.f. May, 2015 Examinations.”
It is clarified for wider information of the students and other
stakeholders as also the public at large that there is no change in the passing
requirements nor is the Institute contemplating to effect any changes in the
passing requirements.
In other words, the existing passing requirements, i.e., securing at one
sitting a minimum of 40% marks in each paper and minimum of 50% marks
in the aggregate of the papers comprised in a group in respect of
Intermediate (IPC) and Final examinations remain unchanged, while the
passing requirements for CPT remain the same i.e. securing at one sitting a
minimum of 30% marks in each section and minimum of 50% marks in the
aggregate of all sections comprised in CPT examination.
It is our fervent appeal to the students, other stakeholders and the
public at large not to pay any heed to such unscrupulous emails/messages
being circulated in public domain.
For regular updates, kindly keep visiting .
(G. Somasekhar)
Addl. Secretary (Exams)