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Importance of Articleship In CA

After clearing grup 1 of ipcc most of us start seeking a good articleship firm..

The first question which arises is that wen to start with articleship?
Guys,my persnal view point over dis is.. Start ur articleshp aftr apearing both grups coz at that tym we have gained more knowldg more ovr BIG FOUR and many other reputatd firms prefr stdnts who have cleard both grups..

Nxt questn in the que is from where we should do articlshp?
Everyone of us wants to go in BIG FOUR bt only few of us manage to reach there.. Its a myth dat if v dnt get our articlshp in big four,then there wil b no gud future prospects for us.. Doing articlshp 4m a mediocre firm gving gud xposure cn also take u 2 grt hyts..
Whethr it b BIG FOUR or any other firm they both have pros n cons

starting with big four:
* working in BIG FOUR is lyk wearing branded clothes.. Everyone gonna get impressd by it.. Definately,wen u wil b applying for job,ARTICLESHIP DONE FROM BIG FOUR GONNA FETCH YOU MORE JOB OFFERS
*Stipend at big four is beter as compard 2 other firms
*They make u perfectionist in a particular field
*One has to work for long hours during articleshp
*They wil gv u exposure in a singl field (in most of the cases)

now teling u abt other firms:
*they gv u exposure in various fields
*u can learn more
*They instil in u knwlgd abt mst f the fields..
*less working hours as cmpard 2 big four
*less stipend
*lack of brand name

so guys chose ur articlshp firm wisely..
And rest dpnds upon ur hardwork and efforts!

by:- Aditi Goel