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Imformation Technology Tips..:-
CA Rockstars.
1. revise only those topics which u had studied earlier dont start anything new .

2. u can leave the questions which are included in LAST YEAR question paper.
3. give more attention on DBMS n INTERNET (exept FB)  it will fetch u some more marks .

4. try to answer only those questions jinke answers apko pta ho thode bahut dont try too fool the checker by writing anything .

5. make daigram in support of ur ans if possible agar nhi bhi banaoge to its ok .

6. dont go for any summary notes now jha se pahle kiya tha vhi se karo.

7. write short n breif answers n try to write technical words as wrtten in ur text books .as i said in past give weight to ur answers not answer sheet .

best of luck to all
Alkit Jain 

ImageSTthanx for reading