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this post is for those students who are demotivated by the current senario. n thinking about quiting this prestigious course …

first of all i want to bring in notice of all of you that there is like this
ki CA’s ki job nhi lag rhi … jinki nhi lag rhi they are very high headed peoples jo sochte h ki CA bnte 60-70 k mil jayenge 
sabko neeche se hi shuruwaat krni padti h .. n ek baar start ho jaye fir growth bahut h .. you dont blieve many of my friends got 50-80 % salary hike in just 1 year . 
2 years back when i started this page CA Rockstars. with a aim of helping CA students does not even imagine that students gonna quit this course only because of starting package they get ..

but this is really happening ..
every one knows that many graduates, MBA’s , engineers n even lawers are not even getting job opotunities … many of them working in call centres … 
CA’s are far better than other courses . taking case of mine , done articleship from a small firm, rejected in Campus but got 3-4 job opportunities through different sources .. n am quit satisfied with my job ..(will not disclose the salary :P)

so all the CA aspirants dont think about job opportunities , thier are plenty of them waiting for u all 

so be a GCA ( good chartered accountant )

rest god will take care of u all 

Regards :- CA Alkit Jain

Never Give up CA Students : Must Read

I was just wondering in the evening about life of a CA student..
And i must say that its not that easy..
Everyone of us know how difficult it is to manage classes,articleships­,trainings and studies all together..
Our day starts with rushing for the classes and ends up doing late night self study..
We all put our heart and soul just to attain that one degree.. We sacrifice everything for that one degree.. We stay away from our parents,study when everyone else enjoy..
CA proffesion demands sacrifice and we all do it even..

But in the mid way some of the students give up.. 
But WHY??
I wanna ask them all.. Are ur efforts over.? Wat abt the sacrifices that u did til date? How can u forget that nt nly ur efforts wil b in vain bt also the hard earned money of ur parents wil b wasted!

I knw there is lot of pressure and exhaustivnes due 2 re attempts.. Bt cuming out of dat presure and tackling al the problems coming in the way leads to success..
I urge you all,before you thnk 2 quit jst close ur eyes for once and ask ur self.. AM I READY TO WASTE MY ALL EFFORTS AND TIME DAT I HAVE INVESTED IN DIS PROFFESION.?

I jst want u all to undrstnd.. Quiting is not a solution.. We have many students with us who failed in their earlier attempts bt then succeeded with flying colors!
Jst think abt it..

by :- Aditi goel