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How to study without getting bore?

This problem often seen in students. Students say they get bore after studying for sometime.Here is the method which i applied on my self. This showed a good result.
1. Select a peaceful place with plenty of fresh air.
2.Always use a chair or stool to study as it protects us from laziness and hence from sleep.
3. Select a limited work or pages or topics to be covered in a short span of time. The selected pages or topics should be less than your average speed of reading. e.g. if u can read or learn 8 pages in a hour select 6 for hour.
4. Drink water whenever you feel sleepy. Can also try coffee or Soda containing caffeine and peppermint toffees or chewing . Chewing also keeps brain active by supplying blood.
5.Read and learn as you are not a student but as you are a teacher. Explain each every thing to yourself in the language you like most. Treat nearby area and walls as students.
6. Listen some music after some pages or topics as a reward.
7.For numerical or practical subjects listen some soft music in slow volume along with study.
8.Feel the importance of each and every topic in your life. Try to get examples for each topic.
9. Correlate each topic or paragraph with something. Like while studying something about business try to correlate it with your own business or friend’s business.
10.Make songs or poems of difficult lines you are unable to learn.

:– CA Alkit Jain



You all must be wondering,what an idiotic topic i have chosen today.. As studying widot taking any kind of stress is not possible in CA field..

But my friends,i want to tel u dat its possible..

Let me start with telling you,what STRESS actually means..
We generally use the word “stress” when we feel that everything seems to have become too much – we are overloaded and wonder whether we really can cope with the pressures placed upon us.
Anything that poses a challenge or a threat to our well-being is a stress.

Now coming back to the topic..Studying without taking any kind of stress is possible if we manage our time and studies in a synchronised manner..
We all generally get stressed up when exams are near and we are left with number of topics to revise..
but now we have to learn the technique how to tackle the exams without facing any stress..


* Firstly,just calm down and relax.. Choke out a proper schedule to study.. Dont make targets that are too much.. Make realisitic targets that are easily achievable. and always keep some days as reserve to complete the topics that could not be done earlier.

* Next,in the row is study according to the schedule that you have prepared for yourself. Even if you are not able to achieve the targets,dont get tensed.. Instead complete those topics in the days that you have kept as reserve.

* Many of us aloof ourselves and stay with our books for the whole day. But my dear friends it is not right. Our mind is not a machine. It also needs relaxation for sometime. So instead of spending your whole day wid books,spare some time out in the evening to roam around and chat with your parents and friends.

* now,the very comman thing.. We always have those friends who say that ‘bhai mera toh almost sara ho gaya tera abhi tak ye bhi ni hua’ so i would like to advise you all to please avoid talking to these kind of friends during exam days,because they will create a mental pressure and you wont be able to grasp the things properly.

*Last but not the least,before you go to study relax,take a deep breath and then study with all your concentration.


all the best

Use of sections in the CA exams:-


Use of sections in the CA exams:-

As per my suggestion student should start writing sections and case laws at the PCC level itself. I would suggest you to make it a habit to remember sections along with case laws as it will surely help you a lot during preparation for CA final or other professional examinations. Section and case law knowledge is also very important for your professional working. It is 100% true.

Keep one thing in mind — write the sections and case laws only when you are 100 % sure, otherwise leave it.

However let me tell you one thing you can easily clear your CA without sections but for me it is all about standards. Now the choice is yours.


Hi every one ..
After A long tym i am writing for u all .

please read it will take a few minutes of u all. Specially for those who has their examination next month ..
I know that majority of u are scared of exam . n its obvs ..
m sharing my experience during exam days . like every body i too scared of exams . bt trust me if u work a little hard n dont loose ur hope ..u will definately succeed . There are many students Who loose their hopes just few days before exams , I dont want to use harsh words bt they are the real lossers in life .

Dont think that if u did not revise ur full syllabus or u could not able to complete ur syllabus then u will not able to pass. Trust me in CA final law paper i was able to revise only 50% of syllabus due to fever but i did not loose my hopes i studied till last minutes n see wat happen 80 % of paper was from that 50% syllabus (god only help those who dont loose hope )
N one more important thing, People who think deactivating Facebook or watsapp let them pass ..its really a myth ..For me its a mind fresh ..bt dont get addicted .also pages like us CA Rockstars. updates important tips n topics .which are very helpfull to uh all ..

I hope it may boost ur confidence level . always keep in mind” YOU ARE THE BEST . NO ONE CAN STOP U FROM PASSING THESE EXAMS. EXCEPT UR CONFIDENCE.”
So dont let ur confidence to fall down …
(Share if you found this usefull )
Best of luck to you all 

Regards:- CA Alkit Jain

Tips & Suggestions for CA Final Both Groups ( Only important topics which help you to get pass )

Tips & Suggestions for CA Final Both Groups ( Only important topics which help you to get pass )

Accounts :-

AS – 30, 31, 28,26,22, 17, 16, 7, 5,4 ,19 Valuation of Goodwill, EVA, Brand Valuation, Value Added Statement, Mutual Fund, Share based Payment, Bonus share and in last do amalgamtion and CFS.


In starting do Derivatives, Foex and Portfolio marks cover around 40-50.After that do Merger & Acquistion surely 8 marks question will be asked. Now do valuation of business and security marks covered 16-20. Mutual fund will surely asked minimum of 5 marks so prepare it well. For theroy do Practice Manual as many times it will be repeated. And its better if you solve practice manual of SFM its will be great to do so.

Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics :

1. Do professional ethics Ques. 2 will of this topic of 16 marks.
2. Prepare CARO, Form 3 CD very well surely question will be asked of this topics and of around 16 marks.
3. Prepare AS & SA. As time we can’t remember all content of SA so just remember title of SA. Important AS -4,5,10.
4. Question from Due delligence, Audit of PSU and Management & Operational Audit.
5. Question from GIC & Banking will be in this attempt and Audit in CIS.

Law :

1. Start with Chapter Directors. Around 30 marks questions asked out of it.
2. Now do small topics like Accounts & Audit, Dividend, Inspection and Investigation marks covered 12-20.
3. Now do Prevention of opperssion and mismangement and winding up marks covered 10-12.
4. Now do Companies incorporated outside India & Compromise, Arragements and reconstruction marks covered 8-12.
5. Now do allied law – Important are SEBI, FEMA, SRFAESI Act, Competetion Act & Insurance.

Group 2 ( Only important topics which help you to get pass ) : 

Advanced Management Accounting :-

1. Friends start with OR part ( Important topics are LPP ( Simplex ), PERTS, Learing Curve & Transportation . Marks covered minimum 30.
2. Now do theory part. Theory will be asked for 30 marks and even more. ( Important theory – Steps in simulation, ABC Costing, Backflushing, JIT, Pricing Decison – Pareto, Costing of service sector, Uniform Costing )
3. Now do tranfer pricing and standard costing. Marks covered around 20 questions will be surely asked out of both topics. Standard costing will be easy in comparison to transfer pricing.
4. Now do Decision Making & CVP. In compulsory question you will surely find 5 marks out of it. And later on one 8 marks ques. at least.
5. Now do remaining topics. 


1. Start with chapter 5,6 & 7 most easiest chapter n cover 30-32 marks. ( Important Topics – Threats, Risk Assessment, Techniques for risk mitigation and delphi technique, Disaster and procedure, Types of system backup, BIA, software backup techniques, ERP & its characterstics, Challenges in implementation, Kinds of business risks ).
2. Now do chapter 10 surely 10 marks question will be asked out of it. So make sure u do it properly.
3. Now do chapter 1,2 & 3. Around 40 marks question will be asked out of this chapters they are long chapters just make lil analize and don’t read those topics which were in last attempt.
4. Now do remaining topics which are easy ones. 

Direct Tax :
1. Staright forward do case laws and amendments which are issues by ICAI. Marks covered 30-32 miminum even more. 
2. Now do Capital Gain & Gift. Marks covered by this topics 15.
3. Now do Assessment procedure marks covered by this topic 10-15. And question on due dates of ITR will be surely asked.
4. Now do Assessement of Trust and Companies. 8-10 marks question will be asked in exam. 
5. Now do small topics like Assessment of NR, DTAA, TDS etc. marks covered by this topics 10-12.
6. Now time to do 4 heads of Income. I know you all thinking 5 heads in last to friends just once check previous paper not much questions asked out of it. Ques.2 of paper will be of PGBP but it contains all amendments so you can do PGBP from summary module.

Indirect Tax :
1. Again in IDT you should start with Case laws and amendments. Marks covered 40. Question no. 4 & 5 will be of case laws only. And Ques.2 is full of amendments. 
2. Now do Valuation of Customs, Valuation of Excise in Ques. 1 both will be asked for 5 marks each and even 15 marks topics this is.
3. Now do service tax and VAT. Theory and practical both will be asked out of this topics. In Ques.1 2 parts will be of VAT & Service Tax.
4. Now do CENVAT Credit and Export Procedures under Central Excise Act. 
5. Now do Refund and Remisson and destruction of goods.
6. Now do remaining topics as around 20-25 marks will be out of remaining syllabus.

* Do refer Practice Manual in ISCA & IDT ( Latest edition )

** For case laws and amendments buy supplementary book issued by ICAI & Amenements are provided in RTP.

Wish you all the best

ca queries 

A few consideration for Exam Buddies: Have a look

A few consideration for Exam Buddies :-

[Must share ]
CA Rockstars.

1.In case of theory paper, just try to be as
much professional in written expression as
possible.See how they answer question in ICAI
Suggested solution,that’s what they demand
from you.Yahan wo log pass ni hotay jo sirf
sahi likhtay hain,balki jo bohat acha likhtay
hain wo pass hotay hain.Jo aur jitna pucha jaye
wohi aur utna hi batao (apna knowledge jharoge
to examiner ko pasand ajao gay phir bar
bar bulaye ga).

2.In case of practical papers,jaldi jaldi mai poora
paper solve krne ki bjaye sukoon se kro and
jitna kro sahi kro.Complete krna kabi zaroori ni
hota (maine kabi pura ni attempt kiya).

CAFM mai sirf 58 no ka shi tha including theory
fir bhi 52 mile

3.Exam hall ki tension ko kisi b tarha avoid
kro.Ata sab kuch hota hai but un 3 hours mai
bhool jata hai tension se.

4.Last but not the least,jo mrzi kr lo pass GOD
ki mrzi se hona ha,so us se achay relations
bna k rakho (at least exam days mai,bad mai
to Besharam etc etc.hi dekhni ha sab ne).

All the best

Regards :- Alkit Jain

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