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Three simple steps to answer any Case Study in any subject ( IPCC & Final )

Three simple steps to answer any Case Study in any subject ( IPCC & Final ) :

Step 1 : Interpret the problem given in question. Write down what exactly the case study is related to.

Step 2 : Write the Provisions of the section to which case study is related. Final students should mention the Section Number & IPCC Student can mention section if they remember properly otherwise not mandatory.

Step 3 : In last step conclude the problem given in case study by referring provisions of relevant section as well as you are advisable to give any Case Law Reference.

Now if anyone have any doubt they can discuss it with me.

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Tips to Prepare for LAW ( IPCC & CA Final )


  1. I would not suggest to refer modules in Law as they are old and expired.
  2. Many times you are afraid of how to remember Section no’s and all … I suggest you no need to remember all sections only fundamental sections are enough to remember. The most important thing is what is inside sections.
  3. Refer a good book like I suggest Munish Bhandari & GK Kapoor.
  4. It would be difficult to write the way modules are written but it is very much advisable in this subject. You can practice at home.
  5. Refer only one book as more then one will create lot of confusions.
  6. You can not write anything in this subject else you know the law i.e. No “tukka maro pravati“ in this subject.
  7. Slogan funda’s will not work here and I suggest you not to try out slogans in Law.
  8. Prepare a list of important sections and stick to your study board and revise it as many times (Proved 100% successful). Make a Chart of Section serially.
  9. Your “rutta pravati” may work here as there is no concept in remembering sections.
  10. This is very interesting subject for those who are interested into but for those who feel it difficult to handle I suggest to use way to which they are comfortable. Just remember “you can Do It”
  11. Remember one thing bol bol ke padhna bhi fayada karta he but not when someone else is getting disturbed from it.
  12. Refer suggested answers or scanners to know the trend in exam i.e. which chapter is more important and which is less, you can even read in that order.
  13. Understand how to answer questions based on Case Studies. Take reference guide from previous attempts answer patterns.
  14. Complete a particular topic and try to solve past year question on that topic without help of books.
  15. Keep some pages blank in your register after completion of each topic, put updates and other clari
  16. ications which may come afterward in your mind.
  17. Remember the latest case laws and amendments as there are very much chances that examiner will ask question on that.
  18. Check the pattern of question paper, instructions. Are there any changes? It’s essential that you are aware of the paper style
  19. Make sure that all your notes are arranged systematically.
  20. Revision has to be done by keeping the outline of the chapters. This will make you go through them quick and easy.
  21. Take short breaks and study. Without break you can not get more output from your studies.
  22. It is not important how many hours you study; it is more important how well you have studied.
  23. Time yourself while you are studying. It’s essential that you finish one chapter and take 5 minutes break to do anything of your hobby to make you fresh (Listen Music)
  24. Talk less to keep only specific thoughts in your mind as during exam time less you talk and more you walk will keep you charge


Preparation tips for IPCC exams :


 Dear students success it is the product of both intelligence and hard work . so for CA for exams both required ( intelligence and hard work ) . number of students face problems for preparation i. e. how to start & from where to start and from which subject to start like this . Avoid such mistakes following are the steps observe :

Step 1 : After completion of your coaching access remaining period for exams later on analyse yourself preparation for both groups or single group .

Step 2 : Draw a scheduled for preparation .

Step 3 : I would suggest to all theory part of the subjects better to read early morning time only.Because it is the best time for grasping.

Step 4 : You have to be practice problematical papers like Accounts , costing & FM otherwise in examinations difficult to salve the problems .

Step 5 : Before going to exams you have to be revision total syllabus 2 to 3 times .otherwise u will  got blank during exam.

Step 6 : In law & income Taxation subjects don ‘t code wrong section its results may be loss of marks. u have 100 % confident on that u can code other wise write like, prescribed section .

Step 7 : In examination presentation is very important that ‘s reason u have to start every question in fresh page and code question number in middle of the page & Avoid striking and write legible this is helpful to get more marks .

Step 8 : After finish your exam don ‘t discuss with friends regarding that exam . left your question paper in examination hall and start your preparation for next exam .

Step 9 : suppose in group I A / c paper u r not presented properly just ignore that and prepare for next exam . Maximum of students are doing is any one paper not presented properly he / she not concentrate remaining exams . My dear students don ‘t do like that may be chance remaining papers u can get exemption . So think positive.

Step 10 :Dear students after completion of your exams in case u have doubt any subject start your preparation immediately because after announcing of the result u have only 2 .5 months only . For clearing CA exams may be take one or more attempt so don ‘ t get mentally stress .



Subject wise tips :


1 . IT & SM : I would suggest to all SM preparation level is from last chapter to first chapter . And IT start with flowcharts & decision table later on network, inter net , DBMS finally start 1 st chapter . From practice manual 40 to 45 marks paper will be from it so should be concentrate on that . Remaining part is definition part around 15 marks.

2 . INCOME TAX : You have to read every concept in income tax paper & one more thing is total income problems important , and in every problem u have make note points its impress to valuationer . Put the currency symbol other wise u can loss marks . My sincere advice is don ‘t start with total income problem in examination y because its take more time for completion. at the time of preparation first of all finish indirect tax( service tax & VAT) y because its less concept u can get nearly 50 marks .

3 . AUDITING : In auditing company auditor chapter is very important in that chapter only around 15 to 25 marks. And standards also important for exams read 2 to 3 times. Last 2 to 3 attempts asked only direct question only so more concentrate on direct questions .

4 . ACCOUNTS: In accounts I & II subjects very important is accounting standards its around 12 to 25 marks in each subjects . In examination presentation level is start with journal entries problem then ledger a / c after that final a / c problems. y because time management is very important in CA examinations .

5 . COSTING & FM : I n this subject first of all theory part u have to prepare its nearly 30 to 35 marks later on start practice problems in both costing & FM otherwise u cont salve the problems in examination .

6 . LAW : in this subjects first of all prepare company law & other laws y because around 50 to 60 marks cover in these topics . Later on business communication etc .



1 . Time management is very important in examination.

2 . Don ‘t STUDY CONTINIOUSLY . take small breaks

3 . Sleep every day 6 to 7 hours .

4 . Take food properly .

5 . Very very important point is in all exams u have to be write point wise .

6 . Don ‘t refer 2 to 3 author books .do practice manual . its very important 

7 . We would suggest that for the benefit of the students read the suggested answers carefully its useful to your examinations .

hope this article useful to your preparation .



How to score 60+ in Auditing exam of IPCC?

First of all give ICAI audit study material a quick reading to understand the depth and figure out the efforts and time required for final preparation. You would appreciate that through this quick reading you would be able to figure out where extra efforts are required in audit subject and plan accordingly.
Make necessary notes or put suggestions or mark strategy for yourself on the study book during first reading. This task helps you to deal with audit subject later on during final preparation. Pre-condition for this first study is — go ahead for quick study with a completely relax and chilled mind.

Your main purpose behind this quick study is observation and formation of a plan to deal with audit.

During first study ride prepare a plan for final preparation. Also use scanner for making the plan. Later on use any good notes to prepare. Remember at this moment you have everything in your mind like what is imp along with basic idea of the topic and chapter.
SPECIAL ATTENTION TO Standards on Auditind (SAs)
Also give special attention to SA and AS. Only good knowledge of SA and AS is not enough but you must understand the technique to apply SA and AS in audit practical problems. For this purpose refer ICAI suggested answers and observe the application of SA and AS to the problem. Another benefit of this task is—it also helps you to understand SA and AS in a much better way.

What extra CA examination demands?

CA Examination is one of the toughest professional exams in the country. It takes a few things to crack this exam:

1. A proper mindset.

2. A sharp memory.

3. Proper time management.

4. Sincere preparation with proper revision &

5. Proper presentation of answers in examinations.

Do I need to further explain points mentioned above? I am not a rank holder and this article is not for prospective rank holders too. I am just an average ca final student and trying to help my ca student friends who study well and just need some extra marks to clear. I don’t know how to achieve merit or rank. All I know that I followed some tips which worked for me to clear Ipcc and I am sharing them all here. None of them are findings of me, I just used them. Even I don’t remember the sources, excuse me for that.

1. If you have 3 months in hand before exams, complete your study in 2 months and reserve one month for revision at least two times.

2. Solve questions like you are giving your main exams. Same completeness and seriousness apply during preparations.

3. Write more to increase speed and improve handwriting. It is not a waste of time. Clear written matter always scores well.

4. Try to solve whole paper in just 2 and half hour. So you will complete your paper before or at least on time. Use remaining half hour for corrections and final touch.

5. If you switch off your mobile during main exams then please do the same during preparations and revisions. Less or no TV. Just play light games or listen light music in gaps.

6. Maximum time to solve a question in exams = 1 mark * 1.5 minutes i.e. for 4 marks question maximum time is 6 minutes and so.

7. Write other alternate of answer if possible any.

8. In theory questions, always use first two lines impression.

9. Don’t panic to see twisted questions, stick to basics, Read questions and relate the things.

The institute’s inputs and other supports provided to students like rtps, suggested answers, practice manuals etc. are adequate to prepare themselves for and fare well in the examinations.

It is highly advisable:

1. In practical – Give proper format, working notes and assumptions with high speed.

2. In theory – (Long answer type questions) >Write brief intro, >Discuss main theme, >Write summary.

Hard study may fail but systematic never. Systematic means on proper time.

For serious study, Divorce the world during study time. It’s your parents, who waits for your results most.

During Studies:

1. Eat less, drink more.

2. Get rid of your weaknesses

3. Do chair study, don’t use bed.

4. Don’t change your study material again and again. Use good material and Scanner only.

5. Morning study and evening study is good instead of late night study.

During exam days:

1. Please never discuss with your friends, have faith in God and your knowledge.

2. Don’t tally the answer you wrote in exams with your book’s answer.

3. Do some breath exercises, take deep breaths.

Finally, it is not just an exam you are going to write; it is your fate and future. It is your last and final exam. Every mark is important in CA exam. Do as you know, even if you don’t know the answer just draw format and give headings. Complete the whole paper, it helps in scoring.

This article is by: Sanket.ca


Imformation Technology Tips..:-
CA Rockstars.
1. revise only those topics which u had studied earlier dont start anything new .

2. u can leave the questions which are included in LAST YEAR question paper.
3. give more attention on DBMS n INTERNET (exept FB)  it will fetch u some more marks .

4. try to answer only those questions jinke answers apko pta ho thode bahut dont try too fool the checker by writing anything .

5. make daigram in support of ur ans if possible agar nhi bhi banaoge to its ok .

6. dont go for any summary notes now jha se pahle kiya tha vhi se karo.

7. write short n breif answers n try to write technical words as wrtten in ur text books .as i said in past give weight to ur answers not answer sheet .

best of luck to all
Alkit Jain 

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