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Hi every one ..
After A long tym i am writing for u all .

please read it will take a few minutes of u all. Specially for those who has their examination next month ..
I know that majority of u are scared of exam . n its obvs ..
m sharing my experience during exam days . like every body i too scared of exams . bt trust me if u work a little hard n dont loose ur hope ..u will definately succeed . There are many students Who loose their hopes just few days before exams , I dont want to use harsh words bt they are the real lossers in life .

Dont think that if u did not revise ur full syllabus or u could not able to complete ur syllabus then u will not able to pass. Trust me in CA final law paper i was able to revise only 50% of syllabus due to fever but i did not loose my hopes i studied till last minutes n see wat happen 80 % of paper was from that 50% syllabus (god only help those who dont loose hope )
N one more important thing, People who think deactivating Facebook or watsapp let them pass ..its really a myth ..For me its a mind fresh ..bt dont get addicted .also pages like us CA Rockstars. updates important tips n topics .which are very helpfull to uh all ..

I hope it may boost ur confidence level . always keep in mind” YOU ARE THE BEST . NO ONE CAN STOP U FROM PASSING THESE EXAMS. EXCEPT UR CONFIDENCE.”
So dont let ur confidence to fall down …
(Share if you found this usefull )
Best of luck to you all 

Regards:- CA Alkit Jain

Rickshawala’s son top IAS

RickshImageawala’s son top IAS

Govind Jaiswal IAS

14-hour power cuts didn’t dim his IAS dream

On the pot-holed lanes of India’s holy city Varanasi, Narayan Jaiswal used to pedal his rickety rickshaw to make a living and send his children to school in nearby Usmanpura.

Sadly, even his meagre means came to a grinding halt when a wound on his foot grew sceptic.

Ailing, and with no other source of income, Jaiswal sold off his small plot of land to finance his son’s dream.

His son Govind was fighting a parallel battle.

Day in and day out the deafening noise of power looms, factory machines and generators around the 12×8 feet rented room shared by his father, mother and two sisters made life unbearable.

All the cooking, washing, bathing to studying took place in the dingy room.

To add to the misery the scarce power supply extended to almost 14 hours a day. He grew up with cruel taunts from the neighbourhood kids who mocked him for his devotion to studies. But his determination saw him through.

“It was impossible to divert me. My family was the saving grace. If someone demoralised me, I used to just picture my struggling family.”

Today, Govind Jaiswal is an IAS officer, brimming with confidence.

Surprisingly, he doesn’t quibble over any inadequacies.

“I thank my tough days. Life has no worth without struggle. It made me grow and smell the real world.”

Govind credits his success to his dad and his sisters, especially the elder one who gave up her studies to look after them when his mother died.